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Andrea Locci on loan to Europromotion Legnano


Big man Andrea Locci (205 cm, 1993) will play 2014/15 championship with Europromotion Legnano, A2 Silver league.
Giorgio Bottaro: “Andrea will join a great organisation, with a coach we estimate like Mattia Ferrari and with a great management. That will be his opportunity to leave our ambience looking to a personal growth inside and outside the court. Andrea is a great value for our team for today and for tomorrow. He will come back really improved next year”.

Season tickets selling: great news from the first step!

Great news from season tickets selling!
More than 90% of past year season tickets have been confirmed for 2014/15 A2 Silver championship. The total amount of the first part of selling is to 565 season tickets.
Free selling to people who did not buy season tickets last year is open from today to the first home game, set for October 5th, on to the sold out.

Season ticket: 120 €
Under18 and Over65 discount: 80 €

Academy Player discount: 40 €
Academy Player Parent discout: 60 €

Basket Ravenna Piero Manetti, viale della Lirica 21, Ravenna.

Every day from monday to friday from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM.

Every buyer who asks for a discount must bring his ID card and a passport size picture.

Jacopo Grassi and Gian Antonio Zannini join Acmar Ravenna roster

Under19 National Champions Jacopo Grassi and Gian Antonio Zannini join Basket Ravenna Piero Manetti roster for 2014/15 campaign. Two youngsters will complete Antimo Martino’s squad to compete in A2 Silver championship.

Giorgio Bottaro (General Manager): “We are proud to fill the roster with two guys who competed so strong last year. They finished a great pace in our academy, growing up in the right way as persons and players. Our choice will reward them and their coaches and will prove our way to intend basketball for kids and young guys in our city. Jacopo and Gian Antonio will be an example to all the four hundred young players who are growing in our academy”.

Antimo Martino (coach): “I am pleased to take care about this guys, because they grew up so strong in the last two years and they deserved the award to be part of first team. We pay attention to our academy and to the growth of our players and we are really happy to give to our young guys this great opportunity to shine. I’m sure that the guys will give all their best to prove me and to the rest of the team their value”.


 Jacopo Grassi (Cesena, 1995) – Jacopo started to play basketball in Cesena, his home town. At the age of 12 he moved to Pol.2000 Cesenatico and in 2012 he came to Basket Ravenna. He played here two Under19 seasons, starting to play in DNC level last year with Gaetano Scirea Bertinoro. He was the starting point guard of Under19 who won Italian Championship Under19 Elite last year.


Gian Antonio Zannini (Ravenna, 1995) – Gian Antonio his the home town kid. He played all his young years in Basket Ravenna with the exception of 2011/12, when he played Under17 level in Pol.2000 Cesenatico. Zannini spent the last two seasons with Basket Ravenna first squad, with one appearence in A2 Silver in away game at Lucca.
He is a 195 cm forward.


Jacopo Grassi: “I am very proud to join this team because I feel a strong legacy to all this management and coaching staff. I began to play at senior level here in Ravenna and I was part of the team that brought here the first Under19 Championship of the whole Basket Ravenna history, so I am feeling great to come back here. At this moment of my life, I am really thankful to all my Under19 team mates and to coach Gabriele Ceccarelli, Under19 head coach and first team assistant coach: all of them have been fundamentals in my growth”.


 Gian Antonio Zannini: “I am really happy to represent my city playing the sport I love. I had the honour and the privilege to be a part of this team in the past two seasons, so I already know the way to work and most of the players, and I am excited to play with all of them. I will be usefull to team goals, trying to gain my personal satisfactions as soon as I can”.



Acmar Ravenna signed Emmanuel Holloway

Acmar Ravenna announced today the signing of Emmanuel Naylon Holloway. Born in San Diego, California, but grown up in Cartersville Georgia, Holloway is a 28  years old, 185 cm guard who spent last season between Geneve and Boncourt, Switzerland.
Holloway played at NCAA level at Iowa Western and Illinois State; after college, he played in Hannover, Germany, Brno, Czech Republich, Salon Vilpas and Lahti, Finland and in Switzerland.

Emmanuel Holloway: “I am very excited about coming to Ravenna and to italian championship. When I was told about this opportunity, I immediately decided to take this challenge because I love the atmosphere given by italian supporters that I saw surfing on Basket Ravenna website. I felt a great interest on me by management and by coaching staff and I felt that Ravenna was the right place at the right time for me”.

Antimo Martino (coach): “Emmanuel can score from three point line and from the paint because he is skilled and he put a great experience playing all over Europe. He built his career coming from lower championship and he is ready to prove his value in A2 Silver. I found some informations about his personality and his attitude talking to his former coaches and I could appreciate his leadership. I strongly hope he will be the right choice for our project”.


2007/08 – Illinois State, NCAA

2008/09 – Illinois State, NCAA

2009/10 – Hannover, GER

2010/11 – Brno, CZE

2011/12 – Salon Vilpas, FIN

2012/13 – Namika Lahti, FIN

2013/14 – Geneve Lions, SWI

2013/14 – Boncourt, SWI
11 games, 35’, 21.1 ppg, 47% 2p, 42% 3p, 80% tl, 3.4 rpg, 4.5 apg, 1.9 spg





Mike Singletary will play one more year with Basket Ravenna



Basket Ravenna is proud to announce that Mike Singletary will be part of our roster for the 2014/15 season. The texan forward will come back with his wife Alec after three wonderful months spent from february to mid may last season.
His arrival in town is set around august 20th.

Mike Singletary: “I am really happy to come back to play in a place that I could call “home”. I am excited to be back and I can’t wait to play again for PalaCosta crowd. We will try to give same magicals and same emotions we gave last season”.

Antimo Martino (coach): “I began to know Singletary watching some games from last season and I immediately appreciated his energy. He is usefull to team needings, with rebounds, defence and leadership, not only by scoring points. I knew people from the team and the crowd loved him and I was told he became a special part of this organisation so I shortly decided to have him back. Right now I am really happy to have him back and I am excited to coach him”.


2009/10 – Texas Tech, NCAA

2010/11 – Texas Tech, NCAA
2011/12 – Pepinster, BEL

2011/12 – Bigua, URU

2011/12 – Mornar, MON

2012 – Erie Bay Hawks, NBDL

2012/13 – Rio Grande Valley Vipers, NBDL

2013 – Barako Bull, PHI

2014 – Acmar Ravenna, ITA

15 games, 14.2 ppg, 50% 2p, 35% 3p, 9.7 rpg, 2.3 apg