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Basket Ravenna training camp has started

Acmar Ravenna started this morning 2014/15 training camp. After a short meeting kept by general manager Giorgio Bottaro, team started his first athletic training with trainer Daniele Ercolessi.

General manager Giorgio Bottaro and coach Antimo Martino met the journalists:
Giorgio Bottaro: "I am very happy to see the same energy which was the secret of the last two winning seasons. We started our meeting saying thank you to our former players Luca Bedetti, Giorgio Broglia, Andrea Locci and Adam Sollazzo, then we immediately started to train. We are younger then before and we are going to face a difficult championship. We want to stay in this league working hard to develop our young players and doing our best to keep fans involved to our project".

Antimo Martino: "It's really emotional to be here today. I am really proud to be chosen to coach this group of great men and I want to start as soon as possible. From today we will work to be ready for first regular season on Sunday October 5th. Championship will be really close and we want to do our best every single day".


Mike Singletary and Emmanuel Holloway are in town!

Mike Singletary, his wife Alec, and Emmanuel Holloway are in town! Both Basket Ravenna players landed at Bologna airport yesterday at mid afternoon. After a short appearence at PalaCosta, where coach Antimo Martino was leading Under19 group's practice, Mike, Alec and Emmanuel arrived at home.
Today they will undergo medicals at Ravenna 33 and will visit the city.
Training camp will start monday 25th at 8.45.


Seven days to training camp

Basket Ravenna 2014/15 training camp will start at 9.00 AM monday 25th of august.
Coach Antimo Martino, assistant coach Gabriele Ceccarelli and trainer Daniele Ercolessi will lead the group to an athletic session at 9.30 AM and to a basketball practice at 6 PM at PalaCosta.
First of all, at 9 AM, presidente Roberto Vianello and general manager Giorgio Bottaro will meet the whole management, medical and technical staff and the players, for a short welcome meeting.

Here is the list of the players selected, with their jersey numbers:
5 - Emmanuel Naylon Holloway - USA - 185 cm - guard - 1986
7 - Francesco Amoni - ITA - 201 cm - forward - 1984 - (captain)
9 - Giacomo Cicognani - ITA - 205 cm - center - 1992
10 - Eugenio Rivali - ITA - 180 cm - playmaker - 1986
11 - Andrea Raschi - ITA - 198 cm - forward - 1979
12 - Jacopo Grassi - ITA - 188 cm - guard - 1995
14 - Gian Antonio Zannini - ITA - 195 cm - forward - 1995
15 - Matteo Tambone - ITA - 192 cm - playmaker - 1994
16 - Francesco Foiera - ITA - 206 cm - center - 1975
32 - Michael Anthony Singletary - USA - 198 cm - forward - 1988

Andrea Raschi completes Acmar Ravenna roster

Acmar Ravenna completes his roster with forward Andrea Raschi. Born in San Marino, 14th of august 1979, Raschi is a 198 player who could play different positions on the court.

Andrea grow up in Basket Rimini Crabs academy, from 13 years old until the first squad. He played at A1 and A2 level from 1996 and to six straight season. In summer 2002 he moved to Gira Ozzano (B1), for two seasons, and to Senigallia, Virtus Siena, Treviglio, Perugia and Bisceglie. In 2006/07 he came back to Rimini, to play in A2 level.
He spent the last three seasons in Chieti, playing against Acmar Ravenna last year: he averaged 10.6 points per game, shooting with 55% from the court, 33% from three point line. 

Giorgio Bottaro (General Manager): "That's an important day for us because we always thaught that Andrea was the perfect player to complete our roster, and now he is part of the team. He is the perfect fit for us because he owns personal and technical skills to bring here to grew up every player of our roster. I want to thank president Roberto Vianello, fundamental person to close the deal with Andrea".

Roberto Vianello (president): "Two months ago I told to the city that I wanted to create a team ready to make some fun to this city, and I very happy to introduce Andrea and to complete the team. I want to thank him because he accepted to earn less money than last year and I am happy about his mentality".

Antimo Martino (Coach): "I am very happy about this signing because I strongly wanted a player like Andrea in our team. We signed a great player and a great person, the ideal man to fill the roster on the court and in the locker room. He got talent and skills, and he could make us a great tactical team. I wish him all the best".

Andrea Raschi: "I want thank the president and all the managing directors for their beautiful words about me. I am coming to Ravenna with all my energy, happy to be surrounded by the passion of our fans. I already knows the most part of my team mates and I can't wait to start the training camp next august 25th".


Andrea Locci on loan to Europromotion Legnano


Big man Andrea Locci (205 cm, 1993) will play 2014/15 championship with Europromotion Legnano, A2 Silver league.
Giorgio Bottaro: “Andrea will join a great organisation, with a coach we estimate like Mattia Ferrari and with a great management. That will be his opportunity to leave our ambience looking to a personal growth inside and outside the court. Andrea is a great value for our team for today and for tomorrow. He will come back really improved next year”.